The patron of MG School, Alcuin.
His nickname was Flaccus Albinus,
which is written in Merovingian minuscules under his portrait,
a style of writing still widely used at the time he came over to the Frankish kingdom in the 780s from England.


Introducing Alcuin

Alcuin of York was one of the best known scholars of the Carolingian period. He was called at the Court of Charlemagne to assist in the reform of the abbey schools and the revision of Latin texts. Under his guidance a clearer form of minuscule writing, derived from the Uncial and now called the Carolingian minuscule, was adopted for the copy and creation of new books.


Calligraphy and iIllumination by Muriel Gaggini:
Text written in the Rustic, Uncial and Carolingian scripts
Illumination: pure gold leaf on gesso, natural pigments

書体: ルスチカ体、アンシャル体、カロリン体

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