Exhibit theme:

Place: at the Japan Information and Cultural Center, Bern, Switzerland
Opening ceremony:Friday, April 22nd, 2016 at18:00 p.m.

Sponsors / Supporters:Japan Foundation
Embassy of Switzerland in Japan
Embassy of Japan in Switzerland

Benefactors:Pak JapanTrading Co., Ltd.
Fondation Sakae Stünzi/Stiftung Sakae Stünzi
The MG School of Latin Calligraphy



The Japan Information and Cultural Center in Bern

At 6 p.m. the Opening Ceremony started with more than 100 attendants
Opening speech by Mr. Masaki Shiga
Ambassador of Japan ad interim

Message from the President, Muriel Gaggini

Message from our event benefactor Pak Japan Trading Co., Ltd.
read by MG School Chairman
Mr. Nobuaki Tanaka

Greeting by Mr. Christoph Saxer
Representative of Fondation Sakae-Stuenzi, event benefactor

Award of a Certificate of Appreciation to M. Gaggini

Certificates of Appreciation were awarded to 3 of the best artists present at this event(from lef: Mrs. Hoshino, Mrs. Rinoie and Ms. Nagashima)

Ms. Yasco Nagashima with a guest in front of her work in the Romansch language
With Ambassador Shiga
Mrs. Fumiko Hoshino (left) in front of her work
on the history of the coat of arms of Bern

Toast by H.E. Paul Fivat, former Ambassador of Switzerland
to Japan
View of the exhibit rooms

Mrs. Yuko Rinoie talking in front of her work

From left: Mr. Saxer, Amb. Shiga and his wife and M. Gaggini

From left: Former Ambassadors of Switzerland Mr. Fivat (to Japan) ,
Mr. and Mrs. Furthmuelle (to the UK) and
MG School Chairman N. Tanaka

A corner presenting gorgeous books reproduced in
fine art facsimile by

M. Gaggini with 2 representatives of
Mrs Sonja Portman and Mr Arne Domr

With family members


The event was a big success! Thank you everyone.